Why is this not on Blend Line TV?

Why are you not covering this event?

At Blend Line TV we are proud to deliver a lot of motorsports content that would otherwise not be live streamed or shown on television.

Blend Line TV’s unique content delivery model allows coverage of far more events and categories than a traditional television or live streaming coverage model.

However, covering motor sports is expensive. Costs include cameras, running the outside broadcast van, cabling infrastructure, networking hardware, Internet costs (keeping in mind the remote location of circuits), and most importantly our talented operations and on-air staff.

Putting it simply: If there are not enough funds to sustain a broadcast (either by sponsors or the event directly), there is no coverage.

But wait! You’re already at the venue, but not covering the race I want to watch, why is that?

Blend Line TV’s funding model often depends on support from categories rather than support from the event organiser. In this situation a number of categories and their sponsors and supporters, will form a co-operative for the event to support the costs of the Blend Line TV coverage. We appreciate the effort of our partner categories and their supporters doing this purely so we can be at the track.

When this co-operative support coverage happens, the contribution to show the program is from specific categories. Consequently, we feel it would be unfair to allow categories who elect not to support the program to benefit from coverage without sharing in the costs of broadcast. This especially applies in cases where the categories elect to pursue other options for promotion that do not include Blend Line TV.

As a consequence, during these times Blend Line TV will show content featuring the categories that are supporting Blend Line TV, rather than the on-track action.

How do I get the category or event I like on Blend Line TV?

A decision by the category or event to be covered is what gets categories shown on Blend Line TV. This decision is usually made by a committee of management for the category or event after careful consideration.

Nearly all categories and events at state level and above have made decisions about live streaming at some point recently. Contacting a committee member personally and directly is the best way to find out why the category is not shown.

Usually we find a situation where the committee was not aware of the true costs (because of misinformation), the committee had been unwilling to levy the competitors for the cost of the coverage, the committee proposed a levy in excess of the coverage costs, or the committee would rather a strategy that sees the category covered in the same way for the entire season, rather than just electing to stream feature events.

Blend Line TV recommends you avoid tagging categories or committee members on Blend Line TV social media posts. Committee members are busy people who often volunteer their time; they don’t need to be harassed on social media or forums. Contact them directly and privately, find out why, and find out what you can do to help.

I’m a category or an event representative, and would love some coverage on Blend Line TV, can I get more information?

Sure! Contact us at info@dgbmedia.com.au, we’d love to chat. Keep in mind that we don’t just do live streaming. Whatever your budget is, we have options to feature your category on Blend Line TV, through our social media channels, post-produced television, Wednesday night live show or through live streaming.

We’re happy where required to meet with committees or event organisers to discuss requirements or strategies to assist them making the step towards live coverage.

At Blend Line TV we love bringing an audience to motorsport that would not normally get coverage, and ultimately the more categories that support us gives us more scale to deliver better results for all.

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