The Forgotten Sister

After more than 30 years justice will be served for Phil Brock at Mount Panorama as he finally gets to steer the #25 Marlboro Holden Dealer Team Commodore around the mountain on race day.

Build #7 At Weekend at Brockies, shortly after completion.

While the lap won’t be in the original car, or at racing speed, the event will see Brock steering a vehicle that has been as overlooked in HDT Bathurst history.

The car seen on track will be regarded as a tribute, yet it could more justly be called the Forgotten Sister. Originally a General Motors Racing Shell given the HDT the compliance tag reads racing 7. Making it one of the twelve bodies built by General Motors for racing purposes. Ordered for Brock HDT the car was inadvertently given a coat of body deadener at the factory, making it useless to the Holden Dealer Team for racing.   

Inside is a time capsule back to that fateful morning in ’83

Subsequently the car was turned into a road vehicle and, as so often is the case, it was lost into the system. Eventually the potential of the car was realised and it’s history checked, before being put into the project column for an eventual rebirth into a race vehicle. 

Enter, Brock enthusiast, Michael Mitchell. Michael had been a long time HDT fan and was searching for a potential to build a tribute car, GM Racing Build #7 fit the bill perfectly. 

Body# Racing 7 as shown on the compliance plate

Over a ten year process the 1983 Bathurst winner has been meticulously recreated. With input from Harvey and Phil Brock giving plenty of valuable insight during the process. During the build no detail was left unturned, including repainting by hand all the original signage as seen on the car in ’83. 


“My dream was to have Phil drive this car at Bathurst. Thanks to Phil’s kind offer to be included in this wonderful occasion, and a lot of ground work by Stephen behind the scenes, it’s going to happen”, Michael Mitchell enthused when speaking of the event. 

(L) Manager Stephen Whyte with (R) Phil Brock

In many ways this car is so perfect you could be forgiven for thinking it is the original as it passes you on Sunday. However, you will be part of history, as Phil finally gets his chance to take the #25 Special Mild car for a lap, and to do so on the day we remember The King of the Mountain, is something truly special. 

Check out the video below for Phil’s first drive of the #25 at Weekend at Brockies earlier this year.

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