BLTV EXCLUSIVE: Original ’91 Brock Sketches revealed

1991 saw Peter Brock make his return to Holden, a re-unification that was warmly welcomed by fans after a couple of years in ‘other’ vehicles.
Preparing for his return, Brock again picked up the pencils to design his chariots appearance, something which we don’t see in today’s modern age of car racing. As a result we now have the ability to glimpse this poignant and individual moment in time from Brock’s life. Designing the car obviously meant a lot to Brock, as his Brother Phil relates.
Regarding the momentous occasion, Peter’s brother Phil said,
“We are over the moon to have Julie Bamford presenting this genuine Peter Brock  promotional drawing for display at the Bathurst Motor Racing Museum.
Peter spoke to Julie about the importance this car had to him, how it felt like ‘coming home’ to be racing a Holden again.
So Julie feels the time is right to let Peter’s fans have access to such an important part of Pete’s amazing career. As you can imagine this has a very important part in her life, but she feels it’s far better to have it on show for all of Pete’s fans, it’s what he would have wanted.
There are many who would understand the emotional feelings Pete had during this period.
I’m sure all his fans will enjoy this rare piece of history”.
So get down to the Bathurst Motor Racing Museum yourself later this year to see this sketches in person and catch a glimpse into a hugely significant point in our greatest touring car drivers career.

Brock_91_Sketch1 copy

Brock_91_Sketch2 copy

It’s great to see how much of the idea actually made it into the final car design, check out the picture below from the 1991 season.


Heading to Bathurst Brock was in his element with a V8 under foot again, and he wasted no time in producing one of the best edge of your seat laps the mountain ever saw. Settle in and enjoy the footage from the Top Ten Shootout as Brock lets it all hang out.


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