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It’s the one we’ve all been wondering about. How did Ray Hislop, with a commanding lead at Mt Panorama earlier this month, end up in the sand trap as part of an accident as the IPRA Challenge race drew to its conclusion.
Well, now footage has emerged from spectators at the chase showing the moment. Unfortunately it seems to be a case of a few cars all arriving on a piece of tarmac at the same time.

Onboard footage from the Kartatak Commodore of David Worrell shows just how the early stages of the collision unfolded:

Still, with so many cars on track all the drivers did a great job of showing off just how good grass roots motorsport is in this country. Some astounding drives through the field, and Hislop’s own constant chase of new records shows just what this category is capable of.
No doubt there is plenty of great, close, exciting racing to come from IPRA nation wide in 2016.
Watch the video below:

And don’t forget to check out Joseph Lenthall’s amazing drive through the field below, to get an idea of the diversity and just how good this racing is.

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