Formula Vee Nationals – Crash Turn 1 Phillip Island

The 2014 Formula Vee Nationals at Phillip Island turned on plenty of great racing. However, it was during heat five when things really got interesting, with a bunch of eight cars entering turn one within millimetres of each other (Not that unusual for Formula Vee really).

Unfortunately, the usually movement of cars at speed saw Dion Gretgrix make contact with another competitor and be fired into the wall at high speed.


Thankfully Dion was ok after the incident. Though, notably a huge thumbs up has to be given both to race control and the medical crew at the track, watching the RAW footage (which we haven’t posted), the medical team arrive on the scene a minute after Dion makes contact with the wall. A great effort by all, showing that the guys we have looking after drivers at the track are some of the best in the business.

Check out the crash here: 

Then, why not watch our highlights package from the Nationals to get yourself in the mood for what will no doubt be more great Formula Vee racing this weekend.

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