The 10th September 2014 will be remembered as a dark day for Australian media. After months of speculation, and despite hard lobbying, Malcom Turnbull has decided to turn his back on the Australian Community and its future of a free and fair diverse range of programming, to focus on the lure of short term financial profit for his government.

The NSW Production Touring Car Championship as regularly Broadcast on Blend Line TV around Australia on Community Networks. 


Announcing in Sydney this morning that he intends to move Community Television across to being an online only platform, stating, (The Australian Government) “believes that the best outcome for community television is that in future it uses the internet as its distribution platform. I have no doubt that this transition is in the best interests of community television. It will deliver wider audiences, at less cost on a wider range of devices and the ability to do more than linear broadcasting”. 

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Unfortunately, this narrow viewpoint will spell the end of development of fresh new programs for Australian Television, and make it ever harder for community voices to be heard from a grass roots channel. 

However, we do not want fans of Blend Line TV to be alarmed. We have enjoyed working with community television, and will continue to work with them as our valued partners for as long into the future as we possibly can. Yet, there are still many opportunities available for our show to be broadcast widely on television and we will continue to provide every opportunity for grass roots motorsports to be broadcast in Australia on television. 


There’s plenty in the works for Blend Line TV, so don’t worry. Still, we urge you to continue lobbying Government on the absurdity of this decision, and show support for our Community networks. They have been a massive support for Blend Line TV and grass roots motorsport and deserve every effort we can make to keep them on the airwaves. 

“Blend Line TV will continue into the future, as we are dedicated to showing off the best in Australian motorsport to as wide a community as possible. DGB Media is continuing to develop opportunities, as is natural with a company and show as it grows and develops. We already have begun to confirm broadcast alternatives for our partners to air across a wide spectrum into 2015 and beyond, so we are confident that we will have a home on television well into the future,” said DGB Media CEO and Blend Line TV Executive Producer, Daniel Beckinsale, upon hearing the news today. 

Please continue to show your support to Community Television into the future at , lobby all areas of parliament and turn on your local network as often as possible to show how strong community television is. 


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